The Cudgewa branchline officially closed in 1981, though operations had effectively ceased in 1978. As I was only 9 years old in 1978 I have vague memories of activity on the line, and know the countryside through which it ran well, but I had no records sufficient for modelling. Before building, I contacted people who had either operated the line, or visited the line when it was running. In every case, these people generously shared their memories, anecdotes, pictures and views on the branch. Some parties were oustandingly generous. As such I have been able to build an archive on the Cudgewa branchline.

The accuracy of my model is entirely dependent upon these people's generous sharing. In this world, such generosity deserves commendation, and this site sincerely thanks them. For privacy I won't reveal their identities, they know who they are.

This section then contains some of mine and their Cudgewa memorabilia. I ask only that you treat it with the same open generosity that those parties who helped me did, that is - if you ever re-use any of it in any way publicly, please contact me first, or ensure that the originator is fully creditted. Protection of originator's copyright is the best way to encourage past enthusiasts to share with future enthusiasts.